What App for Surveyors Mobile Forms Can Do for You

What App for Surveyors Mobile Forms Can Do for You

Published on: 24-09-2014 | by Misty in App for Surveyors, Building Surveyors App, Surveyors App, AIBS App, Mobile Forms, Mobile Workforce, Paperless Forms, Digital Forms, Electronic Forms, Smart Forms

With all the revolutions in business technology today, you’ll be surprised to know that there are new innovations out there that can definitely benefit building surveyors like yourself and your teams of experts. Now, you are aware of the ‘mobile revolution’ and how several business processes are being migrated to mobile devices. Applications such as the App for Surveyors have several innovations in store for your building surveyor company.

In this case, your organization can definitely benefit tremendously from introducing the App’s online inspection forms into your entire work process.

What Are These Forms?

These are actually mobile forms. Your mobile workforce will have to install the Building Surveyors App to their mobile devices in order to access these paperless forms. The digital forms need to be downloaded online into the mobile device through a working Internet connection. But, your staff can open and update data even if they don’t have any Internet in the field; the app syncs all the information once you’re back online.

The app is an example of Cloud computing – when a user logs into the app, the app automatically synchronizes the devices with the Portal. This process surely cuts back on the time required to retrieve tasks from the headquarters, which teams would have to do if no such system exists in their company.

These digital forms are also totally customizable. After all, each business has different needs and a different personality or image that they want to project. They also have different process and approaches to certain tasks. Even though building surveyor firms have similar goals, they have different workflows and systems. You can easily customize the electronic forms to fit into your business organization.

Benefits of the Forms to Your System

The presence of these smart forms in your business organization can make possible the following benefits:

Improved security for the forms
The data that will fill out your forms are very sensitive, as these are information about specific projects that you are tasked to inspect. You cannot afford to have this information leaked out. The forms make this information secure by leaving no copy in the mobile device after the report is complete and submitted.

Your mobile workforce will now be able to process more smart forms than before. The Surveyors App will cut the time needed to submit the information back to headquarters and, better yet, they also allow your field teams to find the right form to fill up faster than before. They do not have to dig through mountains of paperwork to find the one that corresponds to their current task.

You can incur significant savings by taking away paperwork and replacing them with the online inspection forms. Plus, you also eliminate the need for your employees to dig through paper records if you want to compile a specific report. The dashboard found in the AIBS App allows you to pull it up right away with a simple search, provided that the data has been tagged accordingly.

Investing in the capabilities of the online inspection forms found in the App for Surveyors will prove to be truly beneficial to your business surveyor company. We will be happy to talk to you about how we can help you out in improving your business to make it more efficient and budget-friendly.

Find out what App for Surveyors mobile forms can do for you. Take our tour today!

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