How Apps for Surveyors Can Keep Your Business Secure

How Apps for Surveyors Can Keep Your Business Secure

Published on: 01-10-2014 | by Misty in Apps for Surveyors, Building Surveyors App, Surveyors App, Apps for Inspections, App for Building Surveyors, Mobile Workforce, Mobile Forms, Paperless, Digital Forms

When e-commerce was first introduced in the later part of the 20th century, people raised many doubts about the new capability that the Internet has made possible. Many were asking, “Is e-commerce secure?” That is a legitimate concern mainly because people are transacting using sensitive data like their bank account and the corresponding access details. You need not worry about this when using App for Surveyors, though. After all, technology has improved since.

E-commerce has become safer with secure browsing technology. However, that does not stop people from expressing doubts when new inventions come out that takes the process through the Internet. For example, Building Surveyors App has also come under similar scrutiny because it also deals with sensitive client data that is sent from a mobile device via an Internet connection.

Is the App Really Safe to Use?

Much thought has been given in developing this App for Surveyors. The developers recognize that there is a need to keep private data safe. It is an unspoken obligation for any company that deals in service business. Because of this, the developers have developed ways in which the app can ensure that the data that your mobile workforce is entering into their mobile devices are secure.

Firstly, the mobile app is designed to make sure that there is no copy of any form left behind in the device after the task is completed and the report has been submitted. The moment your employees send a paperless report through a Surveyors App, the mobile forms are automatically un-synched or deleted from that person’s mobile device. This will prevent anyone from making their own copies of the client’s data, for whatever purposes they may want to put it to.

Secondly, the smart forms are protected by passwords. Only the person with the right access details will be able to open up the digital forms that the Apps for Inspections has assigned to them on their mobile device. It cannot be passed from one user to another without the assistance of someone who has Admin-level access rights. Once the report is submitted, only the persons with Administrative Access can view the paperless reports and forms.

There Is No Doubt Now About the Safety of the App

You can see how stringent the security measures that are in place in the app. Access restriction and the deletion of forms after submission of the data, as well as the inability of forms-only users to make copies of the form’s data, make the App for Building Surveyors safe to use for building surveyor companies and their mobile workforce.

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