How App for Building Surveyors Can Improve Home Inspections

How App for Building Surveyors Can Improve Home Inspections

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When a person wants to build a new building, be it residential or commercial, building surveyors will always be called in to investigate before a permit is secured. Of course, the inspector will have to follow a logical process in checking the building out. In other words, a home inspection checklist is necessary. With the help of App for Building Surveyors, the checklist becomes easier to use and even more helpful.

The Checklist Itemizes the Points for Inspection

The main purpose of having a checklist during an inspection is that the inspectors are guided as to what aspects of the construction project are to be evaluated. Usually, these are concerns about the integrity of the building, and how safe the environment is for the workers involved in the construction. One cannot afford to fool around with building construction, after all, and building surveyors are there to make sure that the project is safe for everybody. To be able to decide whether a project can be issued a permit or if it has to make some improvements, surveyors rely on their home inspection checklists to identify which points to look at to determine the integrity and safety of the project.
Once the checklist has been accomplished, the surveyors are then free to make their reports. These reports become the basis for the issuance or denial of a building permit to the building project. It is important that the process becomes transparent, secure, and important. No one wants to issue a permit for a project that actually does not have safety and integrity as a main concern, after all.

The Checklist Can Be Integrated into a Mobile App

To make sure that the submission of reports and checklists is kept transparent, it is highly recommended that it is integrated with a mobile Building Surveyors App.

What does the app do? Firstly, it allows you to achieve a more environmentally friendly approach by giving you access to paperless forms that can be downloaded directly to the surveyor’s mobile device from the app’s Dashboard. That takes care of the security concern. Because of the way access rights are structured in the Apps for Surveyors, only people with Admin access rights to the Management Portal can access copies of the digital forms, which double as paperless reports, in the database once they are submitted. In addition, other users in the system cannot access the smart forms assigned to other users because the mobile forms are associated with one username only. Only the Administrators can reassign these forms, and not without management knowing.

Secondly, it takes care of the transparency issue by automatically alerting Portal administrators that a report has been submitted. Once a report is submitted by members of your mobile workforce, the crew’s status is automatically updated as well. In other words, integrating home inspection checklist with the AIBS App allows you to effectively keep an eye on what your field teams are doing exactly at any time.

Making your home inspection checklist part of a robust data management system, like the one provided by the App for Surveyors, will provide you with a system capable of stuff you never thought were possible before.

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